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Stephanie A. Roberson, Principal and Owner

Professional Lobbyist and Consultant  

About Stephanie Roberson Strategies

Stephanie Roberson Strategies LLC (“SRS”), was launched in November of 2022, following a 15-year career representing registered nurses for the California Nurses Association.

SRS is a boutique, black-owned single member firm, providing 25 years of experience within the
California government, legislature, and lobbying. SRS employs ally development, coalition building, lobbying, and media skills to weave clients into the fabric and inner workings of Sacramento process and politics in order to produce positive outcomes for her clients.

Through long term, broad and deep relationships, SRS creates unique and successful partnerships to provide clients effective strategies, a purpose driven mentality, and positive outcomes.

Stephanie A. Roberson’s career began in 1999 working for then Democrat Attorney General Bill Lockyer and quickly transitioned to the state legislature where she worked as senior staff for a series of influential members and committee chairs of the Democratic caucus. Stephanie moved to the powerful California Nurses Association (CNA) in 2007, where she became their chief lobbyist and played an influential role in countless substantive health issues.

As the primary lobbyist for the largest union for registered nurses in the state, Roberson maintains uniquely close ties to the leadership of both houses and its members, the office of Governor Gavin Newsom, and many state governmental agencies.

Roberson has played an essential role in countless labor, health care, reproductive rights,
equity, racial justice and nursing education policies through the legislature.

Roberson also reported to a board of directors and was the responsible officer for CNAs political
action committee. Stephanie has always been known for her tenacity, fierce approach to the work and the ability to get things done.

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Stephanie A. Roberson, Principal and Owner


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